How to Cope with Exam Anxiety

For many students across Australia exams bring a ranging level of stress. Normal levels of stress that are manageable can help students think faster, be more effective and improve performance.  For some though, the increased level of stress causes anxiety that can impact performance with negative outcomes. Most people suffer anxiety around exam time which can cause:

  • Patchy sleep and sleepless nights
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Increased worry
  • Stomach butterflies or cramps
  • Poor appetite or comfort eating

Being able to identify triggers enables the opportunity for solutions and coping mechanisms to be put in place. For example:

  • Are you generally a worried person?
  • Have you had good time management to prepare?
  • Have you had previous bad exam experience?
  • Do you place extra high standards on yourself?
  • Are you feeling well?

If you feel that time is against you or that your worry is increasing as you begin to prepare for upcoming exams then maybe a chat with a counsellor can help you approach the revision, night before and during the exam stress…’s all in the planning.